Allied Flour Likes Magne//Flo™

Allied Flour Mills agreed to check out Flow Force Technologies new MAGNE//FLO™ impact weigher technology in May 2006 at their Mile End flour mill in South Australia and have given the new technique the “thumbs-up”.

Allied Flour’s Andrew Elliott said: “We haven’t had to touch the unit since it was installed back in May last year and also we haven’t had a single complaint from the operators so it’s good news all round”.

The MAGNE//FLO™ measures the grain flow rate to the first break of the milling process and ensures that the water addition to the grain is controlled correctly.

With prior technology using a fixed impact plate mechanically connected to a load cell there is always the potential for load cell damage in the event of down-stream blockages or operator intervention during cleaning etc.

The new MAGNE//FLO™ technology from Flow Force has now solved that problem by using only magnetic coupling between the impact plate and the load cell. This allows the load cell to be housed in a separate sealed enclosure completely out of the grain stream but adjacent to the impact plate.

The force transfer is thus purely related to magnetic coupling between the impact plate and the load cell. There is no mechanical or physical coupling whatsoever. So the impact plate and other weigher internal contact surfaces can be cleaned, scrubbed, hosed down etc without fear of damaging the load cell. Similarly blockages in the process do not harm the unit.

As there are no mechanical linkages between the impact plate and the load cell there can be no loss of accuracy from frictional effects or material clogging in the linkage mechanism.

The MAGNE//FLO™ is available in 2 styles at present:

  1. Series 1 style for inclined chutes using vertical impact plate;
  2. Series 3 style for vertical chutes using inclined impact plate. (See picture).

The MAGNE//FLO is made in Australia by Flow Force Technologies Pty Ltd.

For further information call Flow Force on:

Tel: (08) 8118 6466; Fax: (08) 8346 3541