Bulk Bagging Machines

New Bulk Bagging Machines Provide Flexibility

Flow Force Technologies of Adelaide, South Australia have designed some new variations of their bulk bagging machines this year to meet new requirements from Australian industry.


Where two (2) separate products are to be packed into bulk bags and conveyed to a single collection point then it can be convenient to use a dual in-line arrangement of 2 bagging machines plus a single conveyor. For better system reliability, the inlet piping and valving can be arranged so that each bagging machine can be used to bag either product. The conveyor can be used as an intermediate storage to store full bags prior to removal by forklift to the warehouse or despatch point.

For example:


Automatic release of each full bag from it’s filling machine and transfer to the holding conveyor can be carried out under control of a PLC with the aid of pneumatic actuators and photo sensors. The latter are positioned so as to start the holding conveyor only when a full bag is about to reach it or when a space becomes available at the far end of the conveyor. Thus the bags are progressively and automatically moved along the holding conveyor as space becomes available. The capacity of the holding conveyor can be maximised (and the length minimised) by limiting the inter-bag spacing to approx 50mm.


As loading of empty bags into the machines is carried out by operators it is essential to provide appropriate safety features. These include safety guards around each machine with access doors on one side only; easy electrical isolation of the electric motors; PLC interlocks to prevent start-up if the access doors are open; and an audible warning siren prior to start-up of any conveyor.


In the event of failure of any actuator or photo sensor the system is designed to stop operating and annunciate the cause of the stoppage in English on an error message display.

The development of this system was carried out following success with the Flow Force single unit, manual release, bulk bagging machines.