FlowForce In China

Adelaide firm, Flow Force Technologies Pty Ltd, well known for its impact weighers, has combined forces with BJ Scales & Packaging in Victoria to supply bag packers to China. The BJ Scales GB70 gross bag packer is a compact, precision-engineered machine for packing small to medium bags (10-50kg) quickly and accurately. When combined with Flow Force Technologies well-proven XK-C Weight Controller with its flexible operator interface the resulting system is believed to be unique.


GB70 Gross Bag Packer

The machine can be set up and operated by an operator in Local mode or can be set up remotely from a PC terminal in Remote mode.

Flow Force RT2 software runs on a PC and allows jobs to be scheduled, job data to be entered and downloaded to the XK-C when the local operator enters the appropriate job number. The XK-C keeps track of the number of bags packed and advises the operator when the job is complete. Job status and bag weight information is continuously uploaded to the PC for display on the supervisor’s screen. The operation of the bag packing system is monitored from the PC display and from the XK-C panel.

The system offers an integrated approach to the overall task of accurately packing a specified number of bags of a specified type with a specified product for a specified customer whilst maintaining optimum quality and facilitating stock control and customer invoicing in a timely manner.


RT2 can be customised to suit other types of bagging systems or production systems wherever Flow Force weight controllers are used and a PC is available.

The photo above shows the GB70 during pre-delivery tests at Flow Force Technologies premises at Ridleyton, near Adelaide, South Australia.

For further information contact Flow Force: Tel: (08) 8118 6466;
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