Series 3D Impact Weigher

3diwThe Series 3D impact weigher uses a dual plate design in an inverted V configuration to intercept all the grain being discharged from a bin. Allows discharge apertures of 600 mm square whilst restricting the overall height needed by the weigher to 1 metre.

Technical Data

Accuracy + or -0.5% of true weight.
Capacity Up to 1000 tonnes per hour (Model 500) or 2000 tonnes per hour (Model 600). Custom designed to suit clients existing flanges.
Protection IP65 to AS 1939.
  • Mass flow rate;
  • Batch weight;
  • Total weight.
  • 4 to 20mA isolated;
  • 0-5Vdc;
  • pulses per selected mass increment;
  • RS232C or RS485.
Calibration constants 8 or more
Statistics Flow or batch statistics.