Series 1 Impact Weigher Features

The Series 1 impact weigher uses a single impact sensing plate in the modified elbow of the out-loading spout to intercept all the grain being discharged into the transporter (road, rail or container). Requires no more vertical height than the existing elbow.

Series 1 Impact Weigher Details

The Series 1 Impact Weigher features USB compatible local data capture. A solar panel option is available on request.

Series 1 Impact Weigher Technical Data
Accuracy+ or – 1% of true weight
CapacityUp to 500 tonnes per hour
ProtectionIP65 to AS 1939
Power Supply110/220/240Vac, 50Hz or 12/24Vdc
  • Mass flow rate;
  • Batch weight;
  • Total weight
  • 4 to 20mA;
  • pulses per tonne;
  • RS232C or RS485 in spreadsheet-compatibleformat with date and time header
Calibration constants8 or more
  • Max. Batch size;
  • min. batch size;
  • average flow rate;
  • total weight;
  • number of batches.