Series 4 Impact Weigher

Fertiliser Bulk Handling -Truck loading with series 4 impact weigher . The Series 4 impact weigher uses a single plate design in the head chute of the conveyor to intercept all the fertiliser being loaded into the ship or truck. Allows belt widths of up to 600mm. Flow Force Series 4 impact weigher in head chute of air supported conveyor.

Technical Data
Air supported conveyorSupplied by Aerobelt Australia Pty Ltd.
Conveyor Modifications to fit impact weigherDesigned and manufactured by Aerobelt Australia in cooperation with Flow Force Technologies.
Type of productPrilled urea.
UserFertilizer Distibutor
LocationKwinana, W.A
Accuracy+1% of true weight.
CapacityUp to 500 tonnes per hour.
Power Supply110/220/240 Vac 50Hz.
MeasurementsMass flow rate; batch weight; total weight.
Outputs4 to 20mA isolated; 0-5V; pulse output per selected mass increment; RS232C or RS422 for printer or PC
Calibration constants8 or more
StatisticsFlow statistics comprising min/max/avge/time; or batch statistics comprising total per material type/total all materials/time.