Recent trials by a leading global producer of beverages have shown that the MAGNE//FLO™ impact weigher copes well with starch. The use of the MAGNE//FLO™ as an in-line solids flow meter allows accurate batch weighing of starch without having to weigh the ingredient silo or the final product bin.

Prior technology used a fixed impact plate mechanically connected to a load cell so there was always the potential for load cell damage in the event of down-stream blockages or operator intervention during cleaning etc.

The MAGNE//FLO™ technology from Flow Force has solved that problem by using only magnetic coupling between the impact plate and the load cell. This allows the load cell to be housed in a separate sealed enclosure completely out of the product stream but adjacent to the impact plate.

As there is no mechanical or physical coupling whatsoever, the impact plate and other weigher internal contact surfaces can be cleaned, scrubbed, hosed down etc without fear of damaging the load cell. Similarly blockages in the process do not harm the unit.

Apart from starch the MAGNE//FLO™ impact weigher has been successfully used with typically difficult materials such as stock feed pellets, hot mineral sands, ammonium sulphate, magnesia and sugar. Even where the material is not so difficult it may pay to use the MAGNE//FLO™ anyway just in case of operational factors such as downstream blockages, clumsy operators, over enthusiastic cleaning etc.

The MAGNE//FLO™ is made in Australia by Flow Force Technologies Pty Ltd.

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